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Loy Krathong Festival

Scent of Good Fortune's Flow

Loy Krathong may be Thailand’s most beautiful festival. In the light of a full moon, millions of people place their wishes, hopes and dreams on “krathongs or decorated floats”. We “loy or float krathongs” on the river to thank the Godness of Water.  Young couples make a wish for happiness together and success in love.


Loy Krathong Scent features an exotic blend of “Lavender and Thai Flowers”, those traditionally used to decorate krathong. The lavender essential oil creates a romantic atmosphere, while the exquisite Thai aroma enhances concentration, relieve stress and anxiety.


As with the festival itself, Loy Krathong Scented Candle helps you send misfortune floating away. 


Songkran Festival

Scent of Renewal & Celebration

Songkran is the Thai New Year Festival, a tradition celebrating renewal that dates back centuries. Songkran means “transformation or change”, and this ancient tradition celebrates both the passage of time and the promise of new beginnings. It plays an important role in families, where younger people pour lustral water over the hands of elder members to show respect, while also receiving blessings for the year to come.


Songkran Scent is made from “Jasmine and Culture Flowers of Thailand” that we use in Songkran Celebration. It is designed to evoke the joy and happiness that resonates throughout the Kingdom during the Festival.


Light the candle and breathe in the promise of a new life.

Tiara Ranee Signature

Scent of Magic Moments

The creation of Tiara Ranee Scent was inspired by Nang Noppamas, who, according to Thai tradition, first floated a Krathong nearly 1,000 years ago during the Sukhothai dynasty. Nang Noppamas was revered for her beauty, wisdom and creativity.


Tiara Ranee is our Signature Scent representing Peace and Happiness. The classic blend of “Old Rose and Agarwood”, known as a heart tonic, helps relax your body and induce a sense of calm. Handpoured with love by local artisans, Tiara Ranee Signature Scent features rose oil, oud oil and other essential oils from herbal gardens in Thailand.


This natural aroma is intended to inspire relaxation and meditative bliss we need for our mental, spiritual & emotional well-being.


Tiara Ranee Scented Candle captures the magic of Kingdom, evoking the blissful memories of the land, however far away it may now be.

Kite-Flying Festival

Scent of Wonderful Memories

Kite-Flying is an ancient sport to promote a healthy mind in a healthy body. It is a fun recreational activity for everyone to play with friends and families. In Thailand, kite-flyers participate in aerial battles between the Chula and Pakpao, the most well-known traditional kites. On windy days, colorful kites are floating. They look so pretty in the blue sky.


Kite-Flying Scent is a comforting confection of “Mandarin and Thai Fruits”.  A clean and juicy aroma of mandarin reminds you of wonderful memories. An additional scent of Thai fruits creates pleasant atmosphere that can bring you back to the moments of your childhood.


This special kite-flying scented candle can simply return you to the bliss of your happiest days and create new memories that will last forever.              

Boon Bung Fai Festival

Scent of Refreshing Energy

Boon Bang Fai is an ancient tradition, aimed at praying for rain. People enjoy producing and watching beautiful “bang fai or rocket” fly into the sky. Local people believe that when the planting season begins, they must light rocket to honour the Goddess of Rain. Locals dress in colorful traditional costumes and perform traditional music and folk dance to celebrate this enchanting festival.


Boon Bang Fai Scent features a perfect blend of “Bergamot and Medicinal Plants” that are grown in the northeastern Thailand. The powerful scent from Bergamot oil helps boost a tried mind and gives you a refreshing energy. The invigorating aroma from medicinal plants helps heal the world and give you an unforgettable authentic experience.


Light the candle and feel the power within you.

Our Services

Scent of Your Choices

Passionate and expert in creating natural candles, we are happy to make-to-order for your special events. We are pleased to offer


  • Personalized Candles to promote your brand. 

  • Great gifts for your customers and loved ones. 

  • Candles come in stylish glass jar and classy satin ribbon. 

  • Unique. One of a kind. Every candle is hand-poured by well trained local artisans.

  • Gorgeous eco-friendly soy wax and fragranced with cotton wick. 

Pamper yourself today with aromatherapy from variety of natural essential oils. 

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  • Handmade 100% palm wax with natural cotton wick 

  • Unscented candles for clean air and environmental friendly

  • Peaceful lighting can develop your concentration

  • Relieve your stress and anxiety

  • Export quality guarantee at special price USD 3 or THB 100 per pack (10 pieces)

  • Good gifts for you and your loved ones

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Tiara Ranee Scented Candles feature the exotic blend of Pure Essential Oils and Powerful Thai Herbs to boost our well-being with aromatherapy.


The Natural Soy Wax Candles are presented in traditional golden containers so that we appreciate our Thainess, Arts and Cultures.

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