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Handcrafted with love by local artisans in Thailand, the earnings from the sale of our products contribute to social welfare initiatives focusing on Education, Peace and Environment.

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Thai Festival Collection

Scents are powerful. They can transport us to the moments that defined us – the fresh and invigorating smell of a warm spring day in childhood, the glow of a warm romantic evening years later. They can, simply, return us to the bliss of our happiest days and create new memories that will last forever.

The Tiara Ranee Festival Collection evokes the sense of community and togetherness that are at the heart of Thailand’s most celebrated traditions. Handcrafted with love by local artisans, the “Festival Collection” features three scents

Loy Krathong
Good Fortune’s Flow  

Loy Krathong may be Thailand’s most beautiful festival. In the light of a full moon, millions of people place their wishes, hopes and dreams on "krathong floats" that are traditionally decorated with banana leaves, scented candles, incense sticks and fresh flowers.


The Loy Krathong scent features an exotic blend of Frankincense and Royal Lotus. The Lotus traditionally used to decorate krathong and its evocative scent creates a romantic atmosphere, conjuring up an air of romance and wonder unique to this special celebration, while the addition of frankincense helps aid concentration and relieve stress. As with the festival itself, the Loy Krathong scent helps you send misfortune floating away.







Tiara Ranee Signature

Magic moments

The creation of this scent was inspired by Nang Noppamas, who, according to Thai tradition, first floated a krathong nearly 1,000 years ago during the Sukhothai dynasty. Nang Noppamas was revered for her beauty, wisdom and creativity and to this day beauty contests are held in her honor featuring beautiful women in elegant Thai dress. Tiara Ranee, which means the “Queen of Peace,” celebrates this tradition.

Tiara Ranee is our signature scent representing peace and harmony. This classic blend of Pink Rose, known as symbols for love and gratitude, and Thai Herbs to induce a sense of calm, is intended to inspire relaxation and the type of meditative bliss we need for our mental, spiritual and emotional well-being.  The Tiara Ranee Signature Scent captures the magic of a Kingdom, evoking the blissful memories of the land, however far away it may now be.



Renewal and Celebration


Songkran is the Thai New Year Festival, a Thai tradition celebrating renewal that dates back centuries. Songkran means transformation or change and this ancient tradition celebrates both the passage of time and the promise of new beginnings. It plays an especially important role in families, where younger people pour lustral water over the hands of elder members to show respect, while also receiving blessings for the year to come.


This candle is made from Ylang Ylang and auspicious flowers used in traditional Thai Songkran celebrations: Jasmine,. Its designed to evoke the joy and happiness that resonates throughout the Kingdom during the Songkran Festival. Light the candle and breathe in the promise of a new life.




Tiara Ranee Scented Candles are available at the Cabbages and Condoms Handicraft Shop, Sukhumvit 12 

(At the Population and Community Development Association)


Contact Us at Tel: 66 84 467 5111 or Email: tiara.intiranee@gmail.com

Tiara Ranee Scented Candles "Festival Collection" 100g (USD 40 THB 990)

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